Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sitter

The Sitter
Directed by: David Gordon Green
Written by: Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka

A comedy about a college student on suspension who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared for the wild night ahead of him.

I am surprised how much I liked The Sitter. If you liked Pineapple Express and Your Highness than this movie is for you. David Gordon Green has become the go to director for the action comedy. What should have been a quiet night of babysitting blows up in Jonah Hill’s face and everything goes wrong. From coke dealers to gangsters, from kick boxers to bat mitzvahs, this film takes you everywhere and gets you laughing along the wild ride.

The Sitter is a film that really tries to push the line of what is comedy. In one sense it is your classic Jonah Hill comedy and you tell his humor is written all over it but then you get some over the top scenes, like Sam Rockwell being a coke dealer surrounded by a bunch of gay weight lifters and believe it or not it kinda works. But along the way, I think there were some lines crossed with Jonah Hill’s character, Noah, dealing with the kids. If you have a twisted mind like me, you will find it funny, but I am at least aware that it was kinda fucked up. 

The real reason you should go see this film is for the three child actors in this film. Each with a very distinct characteristic that makes them hilarious. Especially the little girl, played by Landry Bender. The first twenty minutes of this film when everything and everybody was being introduced was just non stop laughter. From that point on it was still hilarious and gave me belly laughs but their were some slow parts where Jonah Hill just sat down and talked about how his life is shit and he needs to change, which made the film drag a little. For a 75 minute film this shouldn’t happen.

Either way I recommend checking this movie out as it is a comedy that can not be missed. Plus this is the last film fat Jonah Hill will appear in, so you don’t want to miss that. It will be interesting if audiences will still find him funny now that he is in better shape. 

Rating: 8/10
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