Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Written by: John Orloff

A political thriller advancing the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare's plays; set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her.

What a poorly structured snore-fest. In a world that questions whether Shakespeare was a fraud, Roland Emmerich, takes an interesting concept and hacks at it with a machete. Not only structurally but historically. Emmerich and John Orloff (the writer) claimed that this film was “unbelievably historically accurate” and “obviously a lot more people do think Shakespeare wrote the plays. Obviously, in my movie, he didn’t, so a lot of people will say that’s not historically accurate and they are totally welcome to that opinion. But, the world within the movie, that that story takes place in, is incredibly accurate, like the Essex Rebellion and the ages of the characters.” So he pretty much just said that this movie is accurate based on the fake world I created. Also facts on the Essex Rebellion and the characters are not completely accurate. It’s worth the research.

Anyway, right from the first 25 minutes, I had already given up on this film. They start you out in modern times at a theater, then flash you back to the time of Shakespeare, then flash you back 5 years earlier, and then flash you back even further another bunch of years that is not specified. I couldn’t believe how sloppy it started out and the film never got back on its feet. 

The film was also full of crappy costumes and horrific acting. The only actor that held his own was Rhys Ifans, the only star of the film. The films lack of star power hurt this film because this film was full of stand still scenes of just conversation. I couldn’t take a lot of the conversations seriously because of the “traditional” outfits they were all wearing. I think it was a little over the top and it only made be think the acting was worse. 

I apologize if you have already seen it, because everyone that has deserves their money back. I do not recommend this film.

Rating: 2/10
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