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Directed by: Tarseem Singh
Written by: Charley Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides

Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.

Immortals is a movie that you get exactly what you expect going in. Lots of action and no story. No amount of action could make up for the lack of story in this one. The script was a mess that jumped all over the place, adding in random characters just to get Theseus from one battle to the next. You don’t get attached to any of the characters, including the lead character Theseus, played by Henry Cavill. He just goes from one scene to the next killing people to avenge his mother. Even the lead actress, Frieda Pinto, was just put into the script to add a sex scene (great side boob shot) into the film and once Theseus had planted his seed, she completely disappears from the film with forty five minutes left to go. The action was great but the fact that I couldn’t get attached to any of the characters really hurt the film.

The action was spectacular to watch once it got going, which took forever. They were trying to set up a backstory that was completely boring, very inaccurate and very slow paced, but eventually they got to the fighting. Obviously these were the best scenes and are the reason you go to the theater to see a movie like Immortals. The scenes with Theseus were great but whenever the gods got involved, the fighting was taken to a whole other level. Heads turning to dust, killing five people before they can even move, blood spurting out in all directions. It all put a big grin on my face. 

The thing that surprised me the most coming out of this film was how psychotic and insane Mickey Rourke’s character King Hyperion was in this film. This might be one of the evilest characters in the film. The film focused on his demonic ways even more heavily than the fighting scenes in this film and were horrific to watch. It was surprising how graphic they got and how much focus was put on these images. 

As Greek Mythology goes, I don’t think the writers are experts on it. The entire script is completely inaccurate to Theseus’s adventures and it would have been nice for them to put a little effort into making it a accurate film. For those of you who don’t know a lot about Greek Mythology I would recommend reading up a little bit about it before going to the film because you will not get very much information about Theseus’s backstory in this film.

Even though there was no character identification or development I thought the casting for this film was well done. Henry Cavill plays a great hero and I am excited to seem him next in Superman. Mickey Rourke played a great villain, which might have been the best character in the film. Henry Cavill’s and Mickey Rourke had a great final fight scene towards the end. Luke Evans, was casted as Zeus, which he pulled off really well. He got some badass fight scenes too. I think Luke Evans is very talented, he was last seen in The Three Musketeers and will be seen in The Hobbit as well. 

Immortals is a very ridiculous movie. Don’t expect great characters, don’t expect a accurate mythology, don’t expect a clear cut story because there are a ton of plot holes in this film. Go into this film knowing that action is worth seeing and Mickey Rourke will give you one fucked up show.

Rating: 5/10
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